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Professional Development / Educational Webinar

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Oral Storytelling, The Literacy Key:


Hosted by Ms. Cynthia, interviewed on the Today Show on NBC and NPR.

View her extensive background in education.


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Oral Storytelling, The Literacy Key Online Video Details:


  1. The 11 Secrets of Storytelling: Vibrant storytelling tips to engage children, drawn from a seasoned teller and decade of live performances.


  1. What is in a Story? Using oral stories as a dynamic catalyst for literacy, language and life-skills in children. Plus, optimal times for story.


  1. Use of Culturally Specific Folktales for English Language Learners: Innovative ideas and resources to integrate the diverse cultures and languages of children in oral storytelling to skyrocket cognitive skills: the key to literacy.


  1. Integrating the Special Needs of Children: Capitalizing on the strength modalities of sensory sensitive children. Autism also discussed.


5.        Using Story to Create Teachable Moments: How to use everyday stories to help children express their feelings and fears.


  1. The Science of Storytelling: How to create vital neural pathways in the brain, the foundation for learning. Transform challenging subjects (such as STEM) into an adventure in learning!


  1. Everyone is a Storyteller: How to become an authentic and/or dynamic storyteller to captivate children in a story, and have them receive all the literacy benefits along the way.


  1. Free Resources: Easy folktales, notes, slides and a story podcast!


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