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Folktale Podcast Programs for Kids!

Join parents, teachers and kids around the world who love these dynamic, interactive folktales in fun-packed funcasts! Programs are narrated by our storyteller, and finely crafted with an array of music and sound effects allowing the stories to come to life. Folktale Series 1-3 include lesson plans for each show, as words of the day in the story are introduced by silly Toofus the Troll. Tales from Cuba and Panama include some Spanish.


Beatrix Potter volumes feature her timeless stories only. Hear excerpts of Folktale Podcast and Beatrix Potter Podcast. Podcast series (in MP3 formats) are $15.00 for 6 shows, or $40 for 15-18 shows. Each program is around 10-15 minutes. Woo-hoo!

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