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Our Storyteller 




Arts Educator  ~  Professional Development Trainer ~ Podcast Producer

       Our lead educator Cynthia has joyfully provided dynamic, educational storytelling programs for children for more than a decade. She was a qualified, sponsored Arts Education Provider in Performance Arts (Storytelling) with the Los Angeles Unified School District for 5 years until moving back to her roots in Northern California. She has performed on television, theater, film and live venues; along with being interviewed on NBC's TODAY and on NPR.


Her folklore storytelling series (26 programs) were #1 in downloads with affiliates before acquiring international distribution by Audible (a subsidiary of Amazon, Inc.), the preeminent provider for iTunes. Live programs have appeared in numerous museums, schools, libraries, community services and Reading Is Fundamental of Southern California partner schools. Additional programs for Para Los Ninos, NBC, Koreh L.A., UCLA's Fowler Museum, Westside Children's Center, Will Rogers Elementary School (ACE Teacher), Pantages Theater, Descanso Gardens, Warner Grand Theater, Amtrak Coast Starlight (2 years), Sony and Disney. She was one of the distinguished, sponsored storytellers for Arts Orange County and OCPL's 'Imagination Celebration' annual program sponsored by Target.

 Her programs have introduced thousands of young lives to ancient art of storytelling. She captivates by performing in the lively oral tradition utilizing multicultural folklore; enchanting her audiences with narration, interactive chorus, music and theatrical improvisation using an array of props, humor and song.  Meeting the needs of a diverse population, she also uses Spanish at times to tell her many delightful tales.

Dedicated to providing literacy tools and viable storytelling models for parents and educators alike, her entertaining, inventive professional development and parent trainings are featured in conferences including Head Start, LAUSD and LAUP, along with RIFSoCal teacher orientations. These workshops are based on her recurring storytelling articles in a selection of education magazines. She also hosts storytelling podcasts featuring folktales from around the world.

She has traveled extensively in Italy, Australia, England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Ireland, Hawaii and Mexico where she adopted elements from the local cultures, integrating them into her storytelling artistry.  She holds university degrees in English and Communications and is a staple volunteer for organizations that serve children. From 2006-2011 she volunteered on a weekly basis with to help children with reading challenges in public schools.

Her children's book is here! Contact us for more information. The book is geared for children ages 4-7 and those who enjoy telling stories to them. Storytelling CDs are also available.


A popular storyteller, she was also featured on NBC's Your LA. The host exclaimed, "A standing ovation...she inspires the kids!"



LAUSD Appreciation Award given from 2006-2011 for volunteer efforts regarding literacy.





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