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Story Theater: Kids are the Stars!


Be the hero of your own story









Our storytelling educator dynamically performs folklore with music, props, humor and song; then guides the students in narration, games and theatrical improvisation. The tales have themes in compassion, individuality or beauty of the human spirit. Stories are tailored to feature the rich, diverse cultures of students: Latino, African, Asian and Native-American.


The children perform in story theater, embodying the journey of the characters and lessons. They repeat the rhymes, sequences, tone and gestures of the characters.  Fun, educational theater games and improvisation help the children act out the story and learn about theater. They also learn about parts of the stage, plot and beginning, middle and end.  Performance Arts state standards per grade can be integrated in the sessions. Most importantly, children perform folklore from diverse cultures! They can also perform tales they have heard from their family and ancestors, breathing life into the lost oral traditions of family and community.

Samples of Folktales:

1. Latino Folklore: The Barking Mouse (Cuba) or El Conejito (Panama).

2. African Folklore: Little Boy Frog and Little Boy Snake (Nigeria) or Anansi the Spider (West Africa).

3. Asian Folklore: The Big Man Drum (China) or Roly, Poly Rice Ball (Japan).

4. Native-American Folklore: Baby Rattlesnake's First Rattle (Pawnee) or Dog Tails (Iroquois).

Spanish/English stories can be included.


The motto? "Be the Hero of Your Own Story!"

After story time, the children share how they relate to the various characters and themes of the stories.  By discussing and relating to the universal themes of the tales, they develop a sense of belonging that enhances self-esteem.  This also creates a vivid and meaningful connection to stories and their lives.

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Stories and story theater are designed to engage the senses where children learn and retain the most.  Through theatrical play they open up their imagination to endless possibilities, perspectives and self- expression.  Social roles, problem solving and teamwork are also highlighted. Cultural and community awareness naturally occurs as they take captivating adventures with fun characters from other lands. Drumming and background music are also included.

Workshops are designed for children to listen to, create, rehearse and perform stories and folklore. They have a final show to perform the tales rehearsed.  Children and youth always love creating their own masks, props and costumes, while being a part of a special theatrical experience

Also, professional development sessions are available for teachers, educators and parents. These help bolster any subject with the ' Tricks of the Trade' in storytelling to promote literacy, language and life-skills in children.


Children have fun creating masks

Click here to view the research on the many positive effects in children who are exposed to the oral tradition of storytelling! 

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Storytelling in its purity passes on powerful lessons, literacy and links to our history. In telling and performing these stories children gain language, social skills and confidence. 
It also promotes diversity in introducing them to a wealth of cultures.

Storytelling gives children a bridge:
a powerful link to themselves and the world!

Let's build it!

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